Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thanks for asking

Seriously now, what about those emails asking me if I am “dead” each time I disappear for one minute? Those are freaking me out!!! Yeah. Ok. I’m sorry for disappearing without telling you, and no, I wasn’t dead, just sleeping, actually.
Garance Doré
on not blogging for a while

I just couldn't keep myself from sharing this quote.
Photo by the Sartorialist of course.


Nena. said...

i love her!
and i absolutely agree with that!

Elena said...

It's irrelevant, I know but I have to say that you pull "the Garance" better than Garance herself when you take my outfit pics!

Panagiota said...

xaxa!i like the quote!bloggers with many fans, like you,receive such emails when they stop posting for a while,right?like one is not allowed to take a break from internet!i remember this photo!i like the mix&match style of this girl!:)

Raquel said...

oh this quote is amazing! I think blog readers can be (and are getting) fanatic/crazy/rude...

Sookie said...

Do bloggers REALY have such fanatic followers? Cause that quote seemed kind of rude to me....at the end of the day she gets these e-mails because some people care, not because they mean to annoy her. Of course on the other hand i couldn't imagine myself sending someone an e-mail : "i can't sleep at night thinkingt hat you may be dead"....haha yeah, that's kind of creepy if it indeed happens! :p

lopi said...

yup, some people ARE that creepy
a fellow Greek blogger once received an email saying "are you dead? you haven't posted for a while. I hope you are"
nice, huh?

Irini L. said...

ok she may be right

stella said...

well a comment "you haven't posted for a while, are you dead?" is actually a hate comment.
a comment "you haven't posted for a while, i hope you're ok" expresses concern.
but in both cases the blogger feels that she has to explain herself, when the fun in blogging is that the blogger only allows her readers a glipmse in the parts of her life that she chooses to put out there in the open

annie markantonatou said...

people should chill out a little..


Sookie said...

@lopi .....ok....TOTALLY creepy! I just can't seem to accept that those people exist....i mean who are they?Do they look normal? Do i walk by them on the street?....you know what i mean.... Hahahaha!